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Marsy's Law is now in effect

From Cathy Harper Lee - Executive Director of Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center:

February 5, 2018, is the effective date of Marsy’s Law in Ohio. The day is a celebration and recognition of the victims’ rights movement in Ohio and throughout the nation. Ohio is the sixth state to pass Marsy’s Law. The constitutional amendment was necessary. Although some jurisdictions protected crime victims’ rights, others did not.

November 7, 2017, Ohio voters passed Marsy’s Law with a record breaking 83% show of support. This was a clear message from Ohio’s voters that the rights of crime victims must be protected and enforced no less vigorously than the rights of defendants and offenders if we are to have a criminal justice process that is truly fair and balanced.

Marsy’s Law elevates victims’ rights to the constitution and ensures that crime victims have the right to protection, privacy, information, notification, participation, and restitution. Most importantly, crime victims are now provided the ability to legally protect and enforce their rights.

To learn more about the expanded rights of crime victims under Marsy’s Law, please go to Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center’s or Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center’s website for a summary of the law.

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